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Organising your tender documents

TASQ helps create and manage your calls for tenders, from drafting specifications to drawing up contracts, not to mention managing administrative procedures.

In the context of calls for tenders or competitions, whether or not subject to AIMP (Intercantonal Agreements on Public Procurements), our team organises and manages the various competitive procedures such as: architectural or agent competitions, parallel study mandates (type SIA 142, 143, 144), calls for tenders from investors, town planning competitions, etc.

A specific and relevant DCE

The primary objective of calls for tenders is to put candidates in competition in order to find the best company, offering the best service, at the best price. This is why it is relevant to set up a business consultation file, a single document drawn up in advance, and which will be sent to all interested parties during a public procurement, or possibly those that have been preselected in terms of a private contract.

The consultation file includes the documents necessary for the consultation of candidates for a contract. To be fully effective, the consultation file must provide all the information necessary to understand the context of the construction or rehabilitation project by the tenderer of the contract.

He needs to be aware of the reasons for this call for tenders, the Project Owner’s relations with local communities, his objectives in terms of innovation or sustainable development... All these elements contribute to more transparency for a better understanding of the general problem.

Our team operates in the following stages:

  1. Drafting specifications
  2. Creation of batches
  3. Definition of selection criteria
  4. Choice of tenderers and distribution of the call for tenders
  5. Receipt, analysis of tenders and evaluation of tenderers
  6. Choice of service provider and contractualisation


The Assistant Project Ownerdoes not replace the Project Owner and it is indeed the latter who will sign all contracts.


The specifications, which constitute the core of the consultation file, must be a perfect reflection of the expectations and needs of the head of operation.

  • the needs of the Project Owner
  • the main features and expected uses
  • the requirements
  • the constraints specific to Project Management.

Why call on TASQ

The preparation of administrative files is an essential but time-consuming task. Having this task carried out as part of a mandate to assist Project Management by our team of specialists allows the Project Owner to clearly save time, which allows him to focus on his core business. 

The business consultation file is one of the documents that will be included in the context of contracts concluded thereafter. This is why a neat, specific and relevant DCE will mean a contract signed under the best conditions and will give an impression of quality to the tenderers. This administrative task should therefore be understood as an operation to attract participants, a means of making them want to work with the Project Owner.

A construction or renovation project lasts several months or even several years. The enemy of this kind of project is the loss of information. At TASQ, a project manager is dedicated to you, thus avoiding the harmful effects of turnover experienced on a number of projects. Entrusting the organisation of your tender documents to TASQ is thus a guarantee of continuity, traceability and transparency.

Paul Herrmann

Tender files no longer hold any secrets for Paul, the founder of TASQ, and for good reason! A graduate of a graduate school for procurement, with more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Paul and the other members of the team are used to putting together tender documents.

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