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A role of control office

There are many standards and laws to know and comply with in the course of a construction or renovation project. However, these standards get increasingly numerous and complex each year. It is therefore necessary to surround oneself with specialists able to take on the role of control office.

The control office ensures compliance with construction standards, which results in a quality project compliant with the applicable standards.

TASQ offers you a control office service with quality monitoring in order to verify and guarantee compliance with construction rules and the Project Owner’s requirements during the design phase but also during the monitoring of work or after their completion.

A control office for a compliant project

The mission of the control office is to assist public and private Project Owners, in terms of a construction project. It checks compliance with construction standards beforehand and during the preparation of the project. Its missions are multiple, it ensures in particular:

  1. The solidity of the structures
  2. Compliance with earthquake-resistant construction standards
  3. Compliance with safety regulations
  4. Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
  5. Compliance with acoustic regulations
  6. Compliance with thermal regulations


After carrying out his mission(s), the technical controller issues a favourable or unfavourable opinion to the Project Owner, who is responsible for ensuring that the opinions expressed by the technical controller are observed. The issuance of these opinions can occur both beforehand, and during and after the construction of a work.

Why call on TASQ

  • Expertise: standards and regulations are changing at a very rapid pace. During your construction or renovation project, you are required to comply with the applicable code (most often on the date of the building permit). TASQ’s strength lies in its network of specialists and their in-depth knowledge of regulations. Our specialists make sure that your projects fully comply with the latest standards. 

  • TASQ, Q for quality: the standards are increasingly restrictive, but they ensure the quality of your work: solidity of the structure, resistance over time, thermal comfort, acoustics, air quality, fire safety, etc. TASQ is a single point of contact, supported by our specialists, who assist and advise you throughout your construction project to ensure compliance with standards, thus making your building a quality work.

Do you master some standards, but not all? By giving TASQ the role of control office, you will save time. You can focus on your core business, we manage the compliance of your projects.

paul herrmann Paul Herrmann, founder of TASQ 

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