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    1. Founder

    Project manager

    15 years of experience
    Drawing on his experience in an international construction group, in 2016 Paul decided to put his know-how at the service of Project Owners and today coordinates all of TASQ's projects.

    4. project managers

    Construction engineers and economists at the service of your real estate projects. Works management experts, seasoned Project Owner Representatives or planning specialists, our project managers can count on their professional experience when working on complex and varied projects.

    1. back office manager

    Response to calls for tenders, sales support, procurement, accounting, management of the website and social networks, etc. Our back office manager has surrounded herself with a multidisciplinary team.

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TASQ - what is it?

TASQ is above all the Task Force that makes itself available for your projects. But this operational force, this task force, has a specific feature: the energy it puts into ensuring the quality of your project. Since quality is the key element of our professional approach, it was clear that this should be instilled in the company name.

The TASK Force therefore became TASQ. This notion of assembling experts is also recognisable in our logo, which notably symbolises a round table bringing together specialists from different backgrounds, ready to meet the specific needs of your project.

Our network of experts

TASQ's strategy is to build on a close relationship between the various stakeholders. Each member of the team is made aware of the objectives to be achieved. We thus obtain a synergy which makes it possible to find the solutions best suited to the issues of your project.

We realise that knowing how to surround yourself with the right people is essential to meet the biggest challenges. It is for this reason that we have established a network of external experts in various fields:
civil engineer, CVSE (heating, ventilation, sanitary, electricity) engineer, facade engineer, architect and interior designer, acoustical engineer, building physicist, hospital and industrial specialists, legal experts, etc.

Men and women with skills complementary to ours but who share our values and our vision of service and diligence. Because as the saying goes, alone we go faster, but together we go further.

Our network of partners, built up over the long term, has two undeniable advantages: these team mates bring us their specialist expertise but also the objectivity of their external perspective, which allows us to build the ideal solution for your project together.

Our added value? The ability to assemble a team of specialists capable of pooling their efforts and combining their skills in order to meet the specific needs of your project. Whether you are an institutional investor, a local authority or an individual, TASQ is at your side. 

Paul HerrmannPaul Herrmann, founder of TASQ

Work in a spirit of trust

TASQ relies on moral and societal principles to evolve and take its strategic decisions. TASQ's values reflect the vision of its director, Paul, but also of all the specialists involved in your project.

Adapting to all kinds of situations and evolving according to the context, events, current needs or emergencies is an essential part of our day-to-day role. Despite the establishment of well-established procedures and diligent preparation work, each project remains a prototype and comes with its share of surprises, especially during renovations. 

Efficiency is the key word at TASQ. The role of an Assistant Project Owner consists above all of enabling his client to achieve the desired results by optimally using material and non-material resources, while minimising the negative impacts induced. To do this, we know how to be proactive in the implementation and optimisation of procedures, construction standards and standard documents.

In today's world where things change quickly, it is essential to learn and train regularly, to know how to be flexible and to be ready to face change without ever resting on your laurels. At TASQ, we monitor new digital and technological tools applicable to the real estate sector for all our clients and we make a point of ensuring the continuous training of our teams.

One of the foundations of a successful construction project is mutual trust between the parties. Guaranteeing the success of your project involves the establishment of relationships based on trust that will generate an optimal collective effort. Without trust, it is difficult to accept the inherent dependence on the work of various experts and engineers and impossible to envision the future or seek to build a long-term project. This is why at TASQ we always keep the best interests of our customers in sight and make sure that we are frank and considerate with all stakeholders.

As Assistant Project Owner, our vocation is to remain independent throughout the project. We have no interest other than meeting your needs. Our intervention enables you to have the analysis of a neutral, objective person who brings you an honest outside perspective.

Our specialists are at your service. The role of an Assistant Project Owner or a Project Owner Representative is to supplement the skills and availability of the Chief Project Owner and not to replace him.  In any case, the Project Owner remains the only one to make the decisions and sign the contracts. Managing a real estate project requires solid cross-functional skills and requires both a lot of time and energy. At many stages, the expertise of an Assistant Project Owner or Project Owner Representative can prove to be invaluable in optimising and making your projects even more successful. In addition, as no project is identical, we carry out our missions according to your own constraints, needs and expectations; in short, they are tailored to suit you.

We attach great importance to people and their development. Our closely knit structure is an opportunity for our employees to be enriched alongside their colleagues with varied profiles and to develop within a considerate team. As a fan of the “remote office”, Paul, the founder of TASQ, attaches great importance to well-being at work. This philosophy also applies to our customers and partners, with whom we ensure a special relationship, based on trust, reliability and serenity. During our discussions with our customers, we are at your disposal. We make sure that we are attentive to requests in order to sum up and sometimes reconcile information to achieve a project shared by all.

A single point of contact throughout your project: your delegatee,
your partners and yourself are in contact with one and the same person, who controls the history of the project for you.
Comprehensive management that allows you to rely on our project manager and avoid information loss.

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