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Project management

Relevant management is essential for the success of a construction project. A construction or renovation project is anything but trivial, it is therefore essential that a participant oversees it by being responsible for project management.

Relevant management is essential for the success of a construction project. A construction or renovation project is anything but trivial, it is therefore essential that a participant oversees it by being responsible for real estate management.

Project management requires cross-sectional skills to meet the challenges of functionality, attractiveness, compliance with regulations and also project management. Therefore, proejct management must be carried out by professionals able to offer comprehensive advice and personalised follow-up to clients to carry out their project.

The single point of contact selected to manage the project must, in addition to being able to demonstrate transparency, responsiveness and great availability, have a solid network of experts in fields as varied as law, construction, architecture, finance and also management.

TASQ offers you project management that is personal, efficient and solution-oriented, based on two essential foundations: clear and direct communication and the coordination of all participants with rigour and consideration.

The different facets of project management

Project management consists of ensuring that a project meets the previously set objectives of quality, deadlines and costs. As project management is more complex than it seems, it is based on a number of steps that only a professional can carry out in a relevant manner.

  • Land analysis and feasibility study
  • Legal promotion analysis
  • Relationship and due diligence
  • Planning the operation
  • Advice on organisation and implementation
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Project design management
  • Administrative procedures up to the building permit
  • Finance research
  • Preparation of notarial and land documents
  • Execution strategy
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Monitoring of the construction
  • Acceptance and handover of premises

Why call on TASQ

As construction projects are increasingly complex and time-consuming, the Project Owner may feel the need to delegate all or part of his tasks to a specialist. Thanks to TASQ, the Project Owner is in touch with a single point of contact and he can entrust him with the responsibility of real estate management, thus freeing up precious time.

TASQ offers a full service with specialists who know all stages of a project in order to seize the best opportunities as well as risks. We support you from the design stage and throughout the construction or renovation process, and assist you in mastering all facets: administrative, legal, financial and technical. Whatever stage your project is at, TASQ advises and supports you to ensure the success of your project.

With the benefit of successful experience on a number of construction and renovation projects, our multidisciplinary specialists will support you on all issues with tailor-made support. Our goal is to relieve you and facilitate the management of the project which remains under your responsibility. We offer you partial or comprehensive missions, meeting the specific needs of your project.

TASQ is a smaller company based on a well-defined work ethic

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Paul, the founder of TASQ, is committed to providing his know-how in a competent and ethical manner. The success of a collaboration relies on the establishment of trust resulting from a professional relationship based on integrity, transparency and communication. This is why all the project managers who joined TASQ emphasise communication throughout the project. Defending your interests at all times, our construction professionals are at your entire disposal and observe the principle of transparency, so dear to Paul, on a daily basis through active feedback.

TASQ helps setting up the optimal organisation and selecting project participants, whether they are architects, engineers, specialists, etc.
Trust is the cornerstone of collaboration at TASQ. This is why we always keep the best interests of our clients in sight and make sure to be honest and considerate with all participants involved in the project.

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