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Document management

TASQ ensures a tailored document management of your projects so that you miss nothing and to ensure a good start to the operational phase of the work. A philosophy of continuous improvement firmly anchored in our identity.

Our team supports you through rigorous planning and simplified monitoring thanks to the quality of our reports until the perfect completion of the construction and even beyond.

Our goal is for you to have up-to-date, objective information in a simple and efficient format at all times.

paul herrmannPaul Herrmann, founder of TASQ 

Knowing where you are at all times

The Assistant Project Owners (APO) is intended to better and comprehensively control the cost, time and quality objectives, the responsibilities of which have been partially entrusted by the Project Owner to an external specialist. This mission also covers a crucial aspect of a construction or renovation project: the general organisation of the operation. 

The general organisation involves the management of human and material resources, activities, documentation and control of information.

Document management aims to communicate the necessary and sufficient information to carry out the activities which are entrusted to the various project participants. The system put in place must allow a gap to be perceived between what must be done and what is done. The document management process therefore implies to: 

  • identify and manage the documents to be applied and the documents of reference
  • define the requirements to be met throughout the life cycle of the document
  • determine the necessary and sufficient formalisation of the organisation, methods and means put in place to ensure the document management process, thus allowing the objectives set by the Project Owner to be met.

The Project Owner is thus able to take corrective measures if necessary and ensure the smooth running of the project until completion according to the objectives set.

Why call on TASQ

The heart of our working method is based on a relationship of trust with our clients, our network of partners and our employees. Document management of a construction or renovation project requires a range of skills specific to TASQ teams:

  • Availability
    We are at your disposal throughout our collaboration. This implies plan checks, regular site visits, but also increased availability when you call or write to us because you are looking for specific, reliable and fast information. 
  • Rigour 
    The requirements relating to the management of the documentation are prescriptive: a status of the documentation to be produced must be established and kept up to date. We can only recommend to any Project Owner to call upon a specialist with the time and skills to carry out this mission of the utmost importance.
  • Proactive communication
    ​​​​​​​Your project is also our project! Our motto, “working in confidence” is based on the close collaboration we cultivate with the Project Owner. We are happy to ensure that all project-related documents are controlled and classified from the initialisation phase in project mode throughout the life of the work in archiving mode. We promote communication on a regular basis, whether it involves summaries of our observations on your site, telephone conversations or in-person or remote meetings. 

« We allow you to have a permanent and objective view of your project until its delivery. »

paul herrmannPaul Herrmann, founder of TASQ

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